Zadbaj w pełni o swoje zdrowie

Share your medical wallet instantly with your doctor. We give you insights. You choose what to share.

owatch is all about data

Spersonalizowany plan dbania o zdrowie

Empowering patients to access more advanced data insights, help them make better-informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

a remote-first clinic that focuses on preventive healthcare

We delivered a personalized prevention plan based on blood tests, medical surveys & real-time data from wearables. Everything in a simple, easy-to-use app.

Your progress is tracked and analyzed by our specialists, which keep an eye on your health, notify you if a potential risk occurs and help you reach long-term health goals.

Data Wallet

Access to all your health data in a simple, easy to use mobile app

Data Sharing

Share your records anytime you visit a doctor​


Get a personalized, data-driven healthcare plan​

Focus on prevention

Individual AI-driven prevention plans could improve medical outcomes and keep patients healthy.

Data monitoring

Track & monitor your health over time

Reduced costs

Reduce healthcare costs with more accurate health insights

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